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You have been charged with a DUI.

You have spent at least a few hours in jail.

Your license has been suspended or will be soon, and you need a DUI attorney to act fast.

You now have a criminal charge that can carry a sentence of up to one year in jail, in addition to high fines. The charge can affect your employment, your standing in the community, and raise your insurance rates.

A DUI can also get you deported.
If you are a foreign national, it is extremely important to have your charge dismissed or reduced to prevent deportation.

There is a way back.

I am a criminal defense attorney who was also a former DUI prosecutor.  Why is this important? Prosecutors have a lot of experience with pleas, motions, negotiations, and trials.  I have personally worked on hundreds of DUI cases.  I understand them completely.  There are other attorneys that focus on a “motions practice.”  Typically, that is lawyer-speak for avoiding a trial.

I offer a 20% discount for Veterans and their families and a 10% discount for college students with ID.

How We Can Help.

I might be able to get your case dismissed outright.There might not have been any probable cause for the police to have stopped you. Police cannot just stop people on a whim. They are also not allowed to lie in wait outside of taverns and restaurants, looking to pounce on an average citizen.

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WA State DUI Laws

Information on Washington State’s DUI and DWI laws.

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